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Ok. So this part 2 of the presentation …

… First of all i´ve been gettin complaints from this Dirty Crowd about my writing. I wanna tell u once n i´ll never tell again: U gave me creative freedom, ok, its in the contract. Next time read my contract. Ok sorry readers. Now back to this Dirty Crowd presentation.

Black Ghost:

El fantasma negro. Black Ghost in español. I wonder if he´s the real fantasma negro
from my days back in miami, before I got sent back to Cuba. He must be like 65 years by now.
That was the times, los eighties. Everybody dressed well in bright shiny silk shirts, the rope chain covering the chest hair. Wow. With the medallion n all mayn. I look at it like this, 14 karats is better than 12 right? Yeeah.

Ok Black Ghost time now. He´s the newest member of the click, he spits raw n hungry and been very  in a little time, and recently suprised the swedish rap scene  with his debut solo joint, blod på mikrofonen.  If u dont got it yet then go n get it right now at the address below:

 Ive been listening to it for about 3 weeks and i dont even like this fuckin HipHop musica. But i like Black Ghost! And i learn some swedish slang as im listening. I tried to talk to this Chato that supposed to be the leader, and he couldnt tell me where he was or anything. So I guess the name suits him well, he´s Ghost! A black ghost. I mean are ghosts any particular color or what? I thought from watching casper that ghosts where white and invisible. So what i can say from hearing his mixtape is, he´s  a talented songmaker, good emcee, kickin that reality rap from the dark side of the lightness. I´ll update this as soon as I get on my google and find something interesting, meanwhile get his mixtape at whoa, and I, Charly, give u the definition of ghost ok. Ok wait a second.

So ghost means, copy paste, this:
1. The spirit of a dead person, especially one believed to appear in bodily likeness to living persons or to haunt former habitats.
2. The center of spiritual life; the soul.
3. A demon or spirit.
4. A returning or haunting memory or image.

a. A slight or faint trace: just a ghost of a smile.
b. The tiniest bit: not a ghost of a chance.
6. A faint, false image, as:

a. A secondary image on a television or radar screen caused by reflected waves.
b. A displaced image in a photograph caused by the optical system of the camera.
c. A false spectral line caused by imperfections in the diffraction grating.
d. A displaced image in a mirror caused by reflection from the front of the glass.
7. Informal A ghostwriter.

a. A nonexistent publication listed in bibliographies.
b. A fictitious employee or business.
9. Physiology A red blood cell having no hemoglobin.
v. ghost·ed, ghost·ing, ghosts
1. Informal To engage in ghostwriting.
2. To move noiselessly like a ghost: “Two young deer ghosted out of the woods” (Nancy M. Debevoise).
1. To haunt.
2. Informal To ghostwrite: was hired to ghost the memoirs of a famous executive.

Wtf it got 9 more than different meanings?! Well hope u learned something about this Ghost guy.


Sounds like somekind of arsonist or something, and on his website the name is:!?!
Dont you know who u are r what? You are you, right? Yeah, of course. Then who really is flame?? It´s fuckin confuzin cabron. would be more understandable, ok. Think about that, seriously. These fuckin rap musicians mayn. Is it even music, i mean, to say words to a rythm?? U tell me! Anyway this flame guy has been hittin the mic ever since 98. Been involved with several groups, Rotten Gothen, had a group with Glaciuz the icy (Black Ghost´s alleged cousin?!) and J-Son. I think they´re name was the circle, or the triangle. Somekind of shape anyhow. Everybody went on and did their own thang, moved to other cities so Flame kept practicing and perfecting his rhymes, flow and his songs. This guy gets paid to work at a studio! He should have about 23 mixtapes ready to drop, but first in order is the pre-leak.
He´s also recently gotten down with the click so look out for everything he´s doing on, follow him on twitter and like his group on facebook,, again. Whats wrong with this guy? Bipolar?!… From his website u can get with him in all the media social medias, ok. Get it? Got it? Gooood!?!?!

Tomorrow if you´re still alive u can read about Gizli and Prince Ali! Hold on amigo, Rome wasnt built in only one day! Easy…
//El Charly por el Dirty Crowd. 



Ok so now i did a little…

… and i found a bunch of pictures n it seems these guys are doing a mixtape or something.
I found this banner for mixtape III. This means they must of did at least two before this, simple matematica.

So now lets move to the presentation of the group:

It seems from the picture he´s always mad and likes to play
the 21 or the poker. So this is the leader of the Dirty Crowd.
He´s been around the HipHop scene in Sweden for centuries,
according to reliable sources. This guy is a fuckin legend mayn,
a rap veteran. But i bet he stinks of unchanged diapers.
I heard through the vine grape that he is the founding father of
the Hammer Hill Click, and they where doing this HipHop before
Drake was in his fathers nuts. This Click Hammer Hill was a respected
force in gothenburgian rap culture, until the second millenium.
They broke up like the fatboys and the fugees. Why? I dont know
n i dont care so ask this guy if u dare. Besides being an artist he´s
also a project manager, works with the younginz at this youth center,
a father and a “one man army”. (He pay me extra for that one)
He´s always had a thang for film tho, as an actor, producer, and even director.
Has appeared in several films, mini-series  and TV flix.
The picture I, Charly Carcia chose is actually from his music video project
“Poker Face”. It wasnt like a regular music vid cus it had a deep plot to it and everything!
A version of it has leaked to the internet, unapproved by the artist and the brain behind the whole project.  That´s  what sometimes happens when the ones you work with dont work with you!
Especially in this bizniz. 

Street Knowledge (SK):

These guys r some kind of group within a group. What are they

trying to do?? Like hello you in a group already why you make
another one?! But then i found out they where a group before this fuckin
Dirty Crowd. Ok so, the SK, it consists of three rappers nower days.
(from the right:)BM Veneno, Negro Escandaloso & LM36
So instead of i make a presentation for every member, i save some time
and make a small one for each one, ok. Now listen ok!

BM Veneno: Why r u pointing ur finger at me? Im looking at you pointing
at me like what you mean, homie? U seem like a very confuzed individual.
This fuckin guy, they say, actually founded the organisation along with this Gigo guy.
Then almost a year after he passed the torch to Chato n there it´s been ever since.
Well, he raps, makes beats if he has to and they even say he is the actual, Hairy Scary?!
Himself say he used to be Hairy Scary?! I dont know how that go together but anyway,
BMVeneno, which means Bigg Matt becus of LilMat36, which is a whole nuther story.
They even say these guys r brothers, hahaha laffin out loud wht their mama name them the same name?!
i´m not kidding you mayn, maybe one messed up and she wanted to give it another shot? Lord knows i dont.
Maybe he will drop something or stick to his webcam rapping, ok! (i think he made 4-5 youtubes n got like 24 views altogether)

Ok then! On to Negro Escandaloso!

Negro Escandaloso: Why u looking down? Something inteseresting u want to share?
It´s a photo look to the camera r u idiot? Well, as it seems to be, he can be idiot.
U know, after a couple beer, a couple shots, rum, two smashed faces and his own crushed fist,
thats what they usually call him. Then he go to hospital to fix his fist, so he can fight more?!?!
He should of stayed in Bolivia, I mean they like fighting there more then this windy city.
Fuck mayn. i need to move back to Cuba or something but anyhow. This guy.
This guy is in on his 3rd or 4th mixtape, the most  productive of the click since Dirty Dust announced he´s kickin back to do his own thing. Why u still call urself dirty then, just call urself Dust, or maybe clean dust.Thats better I think. Señor Carlos Escandaloso didnt get his name from nothing ok, he´s Chato´s lil brother and is in charge of international relations, especialized in south america with a license n all.
A license to kill homes! haha wtf u think, drivers license? He bout to do his 7th mixtape now i think
with the homie from Malmö, DanielBeatz! Stay intuned!


In the background holding up a spray can, wtf is the matter with you, huh?
R u gonna spray the camera?? It cost money the camera, money you give to my pocket!
Good for you you got the lid on that or i be mad as fuck, arigh. So this guy likes graffiti.
Painting, sprayin on walls, bombin n shit. Legally of course what u think? Now i messed up, the letters are all big but this Chato guy keeps stressin me to get the job done. OK. He´s a rapper in both swedish n english. A singer. Well everybody can sing i used to sing in the seventies. Singing aint a thing i used to let it swing, homes! HAHA! But i gotta give it up he´s a very creative person,
talented and energetic. A great beatmaker and a father to his daughter. LM36 is invilved in most of the activities this Dirt Crowd´s doin, you know. He became a member in SK a couple years ago and joined in when CoFProductions and Positive had left, due to

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Then on the mc side we have to relatively new members. One  rooted already and the other comming up hard like a prize fighter!
 I´m talkin about Flame and Black Ghost. I´ll get to their introduction tomorrow but i´ll give u a lil sumn sumn meanwhile. aight: 
Download Black Ghosts critically acclaimed and great mixtape. Blod på mikrofonen. Blood on the microphone! Peace out! //Charly Garcia for The Dirty Crowd 

I, Charly Garcia, have been asked to blog for these guys…

So I´ve been asked to blog for these guys…

… Eeehmm. Yeah. The Dirty Crowd! You know, half money now, half money later, so said I´m gonna do it. I said I was gonna do it so now I gotta do it. You understand? Ok. Well to begin with who are this Dirty Crowd?? I mean the people, what are they? A dirty crowd of what? So i sit down on my google n did some research n i found out, to my suprise, the Dirty Crowd are actually a gang of some filthy human beings. Not a gang like gangbang, but like a gang that make this rap music, you know this HipHop. They say real HipHop but ok i´m getting paid so we say real HipHop. Really rap! In reality. Ok so now we know what they do, ok!? But i mean, who are the individuals that form this Dirty Crowd?! Im gonna sit on my google with some more research, so stick around for the presentation of this… This Dirty Crowd!