Ok. So this part 2 of the presentation …

… First of all i´ve been gettin complaints from this Dirty Crowd about my writing. I wanna tell u once n i´ll never tell again: U gave me creative freedom, ok, its in the contract. Next time read my contract. Ok sorry readers. Now back to this Dirty Crowd presentation.

Black Ghost:

El fantasma negro. Black Ghost in español. I wonder if he´s the real fantasma negro
from my days back in miami, before I got sent back to Cuba. He must be like 65 years by now.
That was the times, los eighties. Everybody dressed well in bright shiny silk shirts, the rope chain covering the chest hair. Wow. With the medallion n all mayn. I look at it like this, 14 karats is better than 12 right? Yeeah.

Ok Black Ghost time now. He´s the newest member of the click, he spits raw n hungry and been very  in a little time, and recently suprised the swedish rap scene  with his debut solo joint, blod på mikrofonen.  If u dont got it yet then go n get it right now at the address below:


 Ive been listening to it for about 3 weeks and i dont even like this fuckin HipHop musica. But i like Black Ghost! And i learn some swedish slang as im listening. I tried to talk to this Chato that supposed to be the leader, and he couldnt tell me where he was or anything. So I guess the name suits him well, he´s Ghost! A black ghost. I mean are ghosts any particular color or what? I thought from watching casper that ghosts where white and invisible. So what i can say from hearing his mixtape is, he´s  a talented songmaker, good emcee, kickin that reality rap from the dark side of the lightness. I´ll update this as soon as I get on my google and find something interesting, meanwhile get his mixtape at whoa, and I, Charly, give u the definition of ghost ok. Ok wait a second.

So ghost means, copy paste, this:
1. The spirit of a dead person, especially one believed to appear in bodily likeness to living persons or to haunt former habitats.
2. The center of spiritual life; the soul.
3. A demon or spirit.
4. A returning or haunting memory or image.

a. A slight or faint trace: just a ghost of a smile.
b. The tiniest bit: not a ghost of a chance.
6. A faint, false image, as:

a. A secondary image on a television or radar screen caused by reflected waves.
b. A displaced image in a photograph caused by the optical system of the camera.
c. A false spectral line caused by imperfections in the diffraction grating.
d. A displaced image in a mirror caused by reflection from the front of the glass.
7. Informal A ghostwriter.

a. A nonexistent publication listed in bibliographies.
b. A fictitious employee or business.
9. Physiology A red blood cell having no hemoglobin.
v. ghost·ed, ghost·ing, ghosts
1. Informal To engage in ghostwriting.
2. To move noiselessly like a ghost: “Two young deer ghosted out of the woods” (Nancy M. Debevoise).
1. To haunt.
2. Informal To ghostwrite: was hired to ghost the memoirs of a famous executive.

Wtf it got 9 more than different meanings?! Well hope u learned something about this Ghost guy.


Sounds like somekind of arsonist or something, and on his website the name is: http://www.whoisflame.com??!?!
Dont you know who u are r what? You are you, right? Yeah, of course. Then who really is flame?? It´s fuckin confuzin cabron. Iamflame.com would be more understandable, ok. Think about that, seriously. These fuckin rap musicians mayn. Is it even music, i mean, to say words to a rythm?? U tell me! Anyway this flame guy has been hittin the mic ever since 98. Been involved with several groups, Rotten Gothen, had a group with Glaciuz the icy (Black Ghost´s alleged cousin?!) and J-Son. I think they´re name was the circle, or the triangle. Somekind of shape anyhow. Everybody went on and did their own thang, moved to other cities so Flame kept practicing and perfecting his rhymes, flow and his songs. This guy gets paid to work at a studio! He should have about 23 mixtapes ready to drop, but first in order is the pre-leak.
He´s also recently gotten down with the click so look out for everything he´s doing on http://www.whoisflame.com, follow him on twitter and like his group on facebook, whoisflame.com, again. Whats wrong with this guy? Bipolar?!… From his website u can get with him in all the media social medias, ok. Get it? Got it? Gooood!?!?!

Tomorrow if you´re still alive u can read about Gizli and Prince Ali! Hold on amigo, Rome wasnt built in only one day! Easy…
//El Charly por el Dirty Crowd. 



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This Dirty crowd is a rap, hip gangbanger gang or something, im learning as i´m bloggin about these crazy fellas, u know... Well follow the blog n find out more of the inner secrets hidden within... The Dirty Crowd. Truly Urs Charly Garcia

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