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So now I´m getting sick of this sheeet!!

So now they complaining about me complaining of their complains. What´s with that THANK U For doing this for free an all.

I knew that that favor would com back haunting me.. I mean I dint even asked for a favor, He just showed up like a hero or something. And dont bother asking WTF it was cuz I aint sain´ sheeet.

AA WTF I dont even care anymore. I write what I want and so bee it…

FO*K!! FO*K!! FO*K

And U Gislee from the land of Ice, dont U even dare censure my curses cuz I´l send U to eeh ghhhghd .. I can´t even send U to The north pole cuz then U just gona feel at home, but I´m gonna send U to somewhere unpleasant anyway…

getting sick of it…

OK so reviews !!

Who is this flame!! like he likely like to ask him self. WHOISFLAME? Is that a name or a question? I was looking around when Chato passed me this shit:

W T F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why the F have nobody showed me this before?? And why the F U got me reviewing that other wack shit insted of this, cavrones.!

I dont even know where to start. Quality GOOD. song GOOD, Video GOOD, every thing GOOD

I even got diarrhea watching her shootimg up. remind me of those RIO RIO an Canney days, all that cocaine partaays, and toilette parteeys. I almost ended up like the other homeless dude in the vid.

Now I´m depressed, Damn!!

I feel like crying now.

why cant somebody take me to paradise!? I deserve!, I just fucked up sometimes, common fuckups to.

I´m thinking now what does he meant with the black face. does he want to get more black than he already is, or is it a symbolic thang with the looney jacket and all..

Now I see that this car is the same car as the one on the foto for the date, And wats up with that date stuf!???

Now that my Charly Garcia account was stolen We have to do a new competition. I just have to figure out how to do..

Ok Anyway!

I was thinking bout the chick in the vid. how did they to make it look so real. ether she is an ex junk or a very good actress , and that must have coast to have her in. And if she has been a junky, I can bet that she got back to junk after this scenes. Even I glanced threw my fonebook to see if I had som connections still, found out that I owed everybody. might as well.

My totali favorite line is “like latinos whith a knife” Love that sheet, it feels like he´s talking about me. even thou I dont pack knife anymore sense my last conviction 98.

Still fast thou, don´t try.

Now writing this sheet I think I get the hole picture and the purpose of the song. I think he means that paradise can be what ever make U happy!!!!!

DAMN!!! I´m getting the goosebumps now… I´m totaly in tuned with universe now.

this song opened my eyes… I can see the world from a hole new perspective now.


I give this one 5 kees an a blunt… Or I can´t even count in thees terms anymore,

I´m in a moment of clearness..

I´m gonna give this 5 roses or maybe 10 roses instead.

So peace an Love my dear Crowd… I am now going to my paradise and take a dump an a cheese sandwich.

Charly Garcia för DirtyCrowd


So This Negro Escandaloso I like!


OK first of all!!

Some one wrote to me a very aggressive letter saying that the last review wasn´t even a DirtyCrowd song. It was this Dirty Dust dudes from an other crew named Nuttin´Crew.

Whats with all this stupid naming an all. WTF is a Crew Thats nothing?? A Crowd thats Dirty!! an a dude on fire who doesn´t know who he is, WHOISFLAME.

Anyway they told me on a mail to make that clear, or else I wouldn’t be able to go to hammerhill no more, an I can´t let that happen.

So It´s a DirtyDust Feat. Negro Escandaloso an BlackGhost

now Fo*k UUUUU!!!

So This Negro Escandaloso I like!

He´s not even black to cal him self Negro anyway, I would say common darker shade of brown, but I guess thats not a cool sounding name for a rapper. Even thou I new some good ol shit back in the 90s that called them selfs lighter shade of brown. i remember thees kids in Hammerhill running whit blasters playing that shit.( Wait)

And look what I found on this internet…

he even remind me of A young Chato whith that white cap back in the days when he was skinny, or skinnier should I say cuz he was never really skinny.

My favorite was this summer banger.

They even played it at Esquina Latina back in thoes days.

Anyhow this Calidad video contradict it self. is supposed to be of a hight quality that vid. but I guess he means the quality of the rap cuz that som other stuf. I can Totaly understand everything he´s saying.

It looks like they have used a good cam but fucked it up at the editing, who ever did that. Or maybe they did it on purpose, I dont know how they think realy, maybe they want that to be dirty.

Anyway, from what I see, this is some old shit, like 2007 2008 or earlier even. U can see that in Lil Mats baby face there. Must be from that time he earned The Prefix of “Lil” before Mat. He´s standing there in the back smiling and bullying somebody.

Negro looks hard thou showing up some havy tattoos. We can see Mig Mat to there standing hard. good good vibe anyway, but WTF Whith the stretched screen!!? Was that on purpose or what. He maybe dont want to look that skinny so they stretched it, and then they made Chato Look more fat than he already is, I guess that was NOT on purpose. Anyhow he got grate comments from South America. I actually know that he got hudge cred there. Been in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and more.

But OKe I´m giving this one 3 Kees, And that´s just being nice. cuz I dont know what TF They were thinking using a good camera to fuck it upp in the editing. the song gets a 5 uncutt thou . good hardcore, some to headbang!!

Aight masses!! Schmutz!!

until next review! I hope that this time this Chato gives me som good shit to write about!!

Fo*k U så mike!1

Charly G For DC

So a review!


First of all I would like to say that what the F**K is going on with this BMWeneno dude of all!!!! I mean he´s a great rapper and all but WTF going out calming be ME! I, Charly Garcia, known in RIO RIO Since the late 80´s!!!I dont appreciate that at all!! I dont even know how he could use my FB password to pull of a facerape like that. I guess I have my self to blame for having Dirtycrowd as a password, stupid name that to have, a crowd thats dirty.

But fuck it I already spoke to Chato to handle that like Negro did in one of them tracks I´v heard.

I´m thinking that maybe this Dirty dudes ain´t none for me anyway, I´v been having complains for my writing, that it doesn’t have things to do whit the crew an all. And that I should n´t make fun of gay people witch I did n´t, I just told what I´v heard from my Gay friend Alvaro.

An one more thing!! I´m sorry if sometimes this shitt is blurry, is because I´v been up 4 three days partayying whith my RIO RIO pachangas.

I don´t want to be negative an all, but I know I told before that this dudes is paying me for my writing but that was just a Lie I admit, just to sound heavy U no.

In fact they aint giving jack shit.

Thing is, I owed Mr Chato a favor once, so I ran on him at the fifth or Femman as they cal it, also that a stupid name for a Mal, so he saw his chance to remind me of that favor 15 years ago and here I am a Saturday night writing this shit wen I could be out having me 2 morenas in each lap. So now I cant write what I want so I have to do some REVIEW on their shit so be it:

Aight Aight!!

Now this is some shit I could headbang to!! Apart from the quality of the video the song is banging, I even could do some salsa on this to U no!!

But whos song is this anyway? And who is this DirtyDust dude? Is he even a member of DirtyCrowd or what??

Whats whit all this Dirty Dirt Muddy Filthy Schmutz (German for dirt) I totally digg Negro Escandaloso on that Spanish hook. Litle bit stupid texto thou ” No puden vernos” I´m looking att you right now WTF.

And this Black Ghost is he white or what?? He´s the only one representing the song wright, they should all have masks if they dont wanted too be seen..

I have a lot of respect for Chato an all, but comon loco are you gonna shoot me with a drill??! I get the point Ya ya ya!! I dont want to bother him that much cuz he got som intel on me that I wouln´t like came up.

I think I saw chick somewhere in the back to!! WTF with that!! chicks should be in the front showing up. Ether she´s ugly or she´s having a jealous boy friend behind the cam mad-facing everybody and hiding her in the back.

Anyway I give the hole thing 3 Kees out of 5 an could get 4 if they would have put the chick in the front and finished the hole thing. now it looks like they ran out of tape or something.

Aight Muddys!!

Retweet this and spread it pretty foc*ing please .

I, Charly G for DC

Tvo fluga po en smell!!!

See i know a little Swedish too ok so dont tryina speak bad n think i dont understand, understand?!
Two flies in one hit ha?? What a saying eh? Gotta love it. Ok so now Chato call me n say i gotta do this food stuff, ok mayn im gonna do it!  This time its with FLAME! Thats why i use “tvo fluga po en smell”.  N this is ur last shot too win the date lady! I dont care? U think Flame give a motha? I no think so! Well now u can see how clean he keeps his house n when i watch this he come across as a very humble dude, u know! Checkirrout!!

//El Charly  for DC!


Every rapper in Gothenburg was down…

... And is down with being and rapping in this video. They even say Dirty crowd at the end. Eso!

//Charly para los dirty! 

Ok are these guys about rapping…

….On the microphono or about cooking? U mess up my head with this, i dont know what to say about you no more.
They rap, they cook, they slap women, they make mixtapes and they perform on the 25th!?!? Pritty fuckin diverse, eh! Focus on one thing and do it good instead of doing everything bad. I mean doing everything then,  it not being the best way, u know. Go n juggle six beer bottles at the stop light instead, right in front of the cars, and fuckin ask for change like little poor children in Bogota. Begging children, dont you just hate em?! Right! Get a rich father you stupid kid!!! Learn something, go to school or get a job at the bank! N everything changes to, u know. With these fuckin cabrones eh, u never know! U NEVER KNOW!

But check out the mamasita thats screamin n wavin her hands like she´s tryina be a bird or something, she´s hot. Ms Jacqueline Nova, ey she´s a virgin too look here miss miss ha?!  Or maybe she divorced n got half of his stuff u know. U, u can get at Charly G whenever u need it baby, we latinos we share n we love it u know like ayayayayay raiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Thats two fuckin words yo´!

U can cook breakfast after n all u know, i wont mind!  For el lindo Charly, yes me, Charly Garcia i have seen women in alotta countries n i prohibly have some big mulato out there haciendo lo, como pa did it, in the fuckin 80´s man- That was the best times i wish i could could go back mayn, y ya tu sabee que te dije esé diá con sofia, juan y fulano. N note that i wrote (<-rhyme) that i seen a lot of woman, i slept with most of them cus that means sleeping not fuckin having sex, so no nothings of no drama or accusations here Ok! Watch el puto fuckin video now mayn n beautiful lady!

REVIEW: They bought, they cooked n then rap n breakdance hiphop! They ate. Everybody went home happy n did suicide to themselves, prally. Thats what i see in their souls u know. No! They didnt so stop crying or i´ll fuckin give u something to really cry about n then pennngggg. Like our parents said when we where kids u know, HAHAHA we gotta love em! Thats how i got this ring in my ear, from my father but i love him n i pray for him n thats that!

Jaqueline Ignacio is on myspace to! Ms Jaqueline Nov
Chato is fucking everywhere so u´ll see him on the 9an esporvagen with a little dog, Jacky!But his twitter his The_Chato_Law n u follow him or he follows u with an axe! No, he prally gonna send el Negro Escandaloso to do it! LM36!! On facebook i dont remember his name, jonsson something. Microfixel he likes himself to be called i heard!
Then we got the man with the cam, Bena Björn Halvorssen… Myspace, FB. So u wanna have a chat with these individuals then contact them ok, im not gonna do it for you, understane? No lemme go back to sleep n i do the next
episode after some rest ok! Peace in the world, ok! Lodi dodi!

Charly for DC compay!

Ok now listen this is special…

… This thing about the date with Flame Have people taken this the wrong way or what?? Like Flame´s some fuckin rapist or something, eh?Maaan, common now. What u except more than a free dinner worth like 300SEK and a ticket to the livest party of this year!! Prohibly gon be the best party of next year to! Lani mo from the Cartel is gonna be there. The cartel?? Dont kill nobody!! The Cartel i mean Kartellen, even I heard about those guys, mayn.  Are they mexican or what?? Maybe they are sureños cus they got a white guy, might be half gringo! But the thing is, they speak about a truth thats true for hundreds of thousands of people, in this  very country! So… Haters eat a pinga! For brekfest, lunch, dinner… And supper u outtalucka! Cometelo entero n keep my name in your mouth! Charly with a Y in the end and dont ask me why??!!

Look mama (or papi) U´ll get the date, pick the place n spend our money ! (Cus hey charly is not gonna pay for the whole thing , u know! Pitch in!!) Or u independent woman that pay her own ticket n i respect that… But i expeted like 1237 people would be desperate to go on a date with pretty face Flame

Not only three extremely beautiful girls!!! I mean they looked goood. Look good i guess, if they still do, i dont know. N on facebook everybody take their best picture, u know!


Add Charly Garcia on FB and write me that u wanna go! No strings attached. No secret hidden camera like CIA!!!
 U dont even have to have sex with him later that night, this is a super chance for you ladys out there! Or else i´ll go on the date myself n take the ticket n sell it HAHA!


 //De el borracho mas macho del mundo entero,  Charly, for this Dirty Crowd! Epaa!!!

Ps. Keep reading brothas n sistas our ratings r going up!  Good for me, good for u! WINWIN!!!!!!!