So these Dirty Crowd rappers got a show…

… and now i´m supposed to do some marketing to, that did´nt include in my contract. Im here to blog mayn, ok.
But this is also what a blog is meant for, right?! So i take back but no delete.
The show is this Dubstep, Electric and HipHop music.

The Dirty Crowd
A O D, Effektverket (Dj Cali),
Luke Eargoggle
and some other name artists
and suprises for you
gentlemans and your ladyfriends.
It cost like 100 crown
and everbody gettin down!

//El Charly for DC


About el Charly for the Dirtycrowd

This Dirty crowd is a rap, hip gangbanger gang or something, im learning as i´m bloggin about these crazy fellas, u know... Well follow the blog n find out more of the inner secrets hidden within... The Dirty Crowd. Truly Urs Charly Garcia

One response to “So these Dirty Crowd rappers got a show…”

  1. Ur #1 Fan says :

    OMG!!! is dirty crowd back on the scene?!?!?!?!

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