Jimmy Åkesson is the president…

…of the nazi party in Sweden. No, im sorry i meant neo-nazi. It means new nazi or modern nazi, ok.
I have a friend that is gay. Lets call him Alvaro  and he likes other men instead of liking other women. This friend of mine is my friend even if he rather looks at straight porn than gay porn. Maybe he´s not the catcher and the pitcher i never asked, cus i dont wanna know, but if he´s the pitcher i would prefer it. So lets say he´s the pitcher. He is from Chile and has lived in Sweden ever since he pretended to be oppressed by Pinochet, even tho he was his supporter. His plan was to be a prostituto and make money cus he likes white guys and white guys have money, and then he can move back to Santiago. It never happened because he got used to the hot water and the social service money every month, and especially he loved a club in Estockholm that used to be called something like tiptop or toptip. The thing i´m about to tell you he met this Åkesson, and had a thing with Jimmy and  Jimmy´s jimmy. Jimmy also liked Alvaros jimmy. Maybe he liked it inside of him, the mouth or the behind. I dont know. I dont ask. So Alvaro tells me that they had a relationship for almost two years. Between 97-99 something. What suprises me is that this nazi cult leader likes men of color, because “Alvaro” is kind of dark skin u know. Maybe he hates them and thats why he wanna fuck them. Literally. The proof that he is a homosexual is this picture below:

You see he´s covering his boner with his hands, because in this street there are very many people, many men walking by, and naturally gay men cant look at other men without feeling the urge of having sex right away, right?!. And his outfit?! Im no homofobian but i think that outfit is very, very gay. You can also see how he is clinching his buttcheeks because his pants goes in and not out around the bottom. Because men who take big penis inside the rectum get very loose so they cant control their… What can i call it, their toilet. I mean poo-poo.
So Alvaro told me that he called Jimmy one day and he was totally changed and said they cant see eachother anymore. Alvaro did´nt really give a crap because he had alternatives so to speak. Or write. Alright. That rhymes.
Alright. Then Alvaro see´s him on the television around 2005 and finds out that he is now running a campaign for the Sverige demokraterna. The SD, which has a very rascist agenda and dont like people comming from the banana boat and using all the seats in the bus. Well make more buses instead then. Estupidos! Ok Jimmy the son of Åke, had changed his number, and didnt reply to any of his e-mails and no nothing. Alvaro just wanted to ask why he changed so much when he used to say he loved Alvaro´s jimmy, and now he wants him and everybody else from other countries to move back to where they came from. Maybe they can take the banana boat and return.Finally he gets a reply to his e-mail and he called him “blatte” and “din jävla invadrarbög”. So of course he got confused cus of this sudden change. Jimmy didnt even have balls enuff to tell him we had a good time but now im nazi and cant be seen with you, because that would make me seem less nazi and more gay.
Shame on you Jimmy! Grow a pair under your jimmy, Jimmy!
I asked if Alvaro wanted to be seen in picture here and he said only the pictures of when i was young and fresh and he sent me this one:
These guys would of made a good couple but then Jimmy might not be the president of the SD.
Sometimes people chose power and money over love. I bet that Jimmy has a lot of sex still but in secret and does not go out to the gay clubs more. That would be not smart. Well i have another proof of Jimmy being fag and its a picture of him with a woman, so everybody would be fooled by that and think he likes women.
Im not buying it Jimmy! Just come out of the closet and say you like “el chupi chupa” with immigrants.
You can fool a fool but never fool Charly!

//El Charly for the D.C


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This Dirty crowd is a rap, hip gangbanger gang or something, im learning as i´m bloggin about these crazy fellas, u know... Well follow the blog n find out more of the inner secrets hidden within... The Dirty Crowd. Truly Urs Charly Garcia

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