So now lets go on with the presentaciones…

…Of this stinkin filthy Dirty Crowd D.C (not Washingtown) but i´ve never been to Washintown. Not yet tho!
Maybe i´ll go someday, take picture front of the white house where all the presidents live. Maybe i can see Michelle Obama or Monica Lewinsky n maybe i can be Bill. I can never go back to the states after they send me back to Cuba so this is me dreaming, neither can I go back to Cuba, mi tierra. But thanks to Carl Bildt who opened his arms for every cuban outside of the country to come to this frio de pinga! I came when i was a roadie for los van van in Spain. Ok, im still presenting this Dirty Crowdright!?

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Giz Lee:
This white guy has been affiliated with this Dirty Crowd since the first mixtape as a graphic designer. The first logo was his work. An old record that  someone took a bite out of it that he prohibly took a picture of it, after drawing on it. It was good. So good that they put it on the T-shirts and the hoodies. You know the once with hoodie on. Like a cape! He designed the new logo, the mixtape banner and i have to mention that i dont like him going in and changing the outlook of the blog. Was´nt it good when i did the design?! Ok i forgive u but never again. Or one more time cus i dont like this white stuff around the letters. Now we cant see the background. Ok, ok i need to cool down now… Im back! He´s also a producer and a rapper which is about to release a mixtape or something. I did some google to find the picture of the cover but it is not on the internet. But i found that this guy has been to Nueva York, Square times.
Proof:So he´s a real rapper because rappers that dont go to Nueva Yol cant be real mayn, ok. Anyway,  he´s from Iceland?!
A land with just ice? I no wanna go there ever im freezing enuff as it is. Mira eso… Ay-ay-ay im sorry for you cus it looks like this:

Prince Ali:
Ok Ali is his name? but whats his last name since he says he´s a prince? Who´s his king? Prince of what, burger king?
Kebab kungen?? I dont know but i´m gonna be easy because maybe he´s a real prince and can get me locked in dunjun in maybe Iceland. He is also newly initiated to this Dirty Crow! His rhymes are very political and he seems to have one mission. To destroy the illuminati, but wait, a prince wanna destroy illuminati??! Maybe a double agent but maybe not, ok, im just guessing ok dont tell ur king. So you r aire to the throne? R u gonna be King Ali one day??! Im just asking because i dont know. I really dont. He´s on the mixtape comming soon a couple times. Raps in english, swedish and he´s from Turkey?? What type of people take the name of a big bird to be the national name.

I dont understand people sometimes.Maybe they like eat turkey so much they named it after their favorite dish. I like turkey to. Turkey bacon, stuffed turkey and turkey on the sandwich.  Ok so now i google a picture of this guy so u can see him again n then im out:
Look at his tattoes!!! Maybe he was a sailor. Or no nower days tattoes is not only for sailors cus everybody got them now. Aaahaaw they are henna tattoes. The once that go out after a couple weeks. Ok.
//Charly Garcia getting paid by this Dirty Crowd.


About el Charly for the Dirtycrowd

This Dirty crowd is a rap, hip gangbanger gang or something, im learning as i´m bloggin about these crazy fellas, u know... Well follow the blog n find out more of the inner secrets hidden within... The Dirty Crowd. Truly Urs Charly Garcia

One response to “So now lets go on with the presentaciones…”

  1. el Charly for the Dirtycrowd says :

    Ok i was wrong that was not ireland!

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