So this white “bög” has the right to…

… Call people of color “neger”???! See i used a very political correct phrase. People of color! Which people DONT have no color, its a benneton world ma mayn???!!! Look, i came to this cold country in the mid 90´s. First Estockholm, then i moved to hammarkullen in Goteburg. The mid 90´s in Sweden was full of skinheads with the green pilot jackets, it was kind of trendy. They move around in flock and beat up innocent men and women with black hair… Call them “svartskalle”. Well let me tell u that ur queen is a svartskalle, or a shwarsskalle but the contradiction here is that she also has ties to nazi germany, i learned from El Chato! My question really is if a white person has the right to call another individual a degrading word, as neger, cus its a degrading word. Just look up the old lexikon or atlas, i mean wordbook understand, ok! There u gonna learn the truth about how they used the word. Its like they where a lower class. Los negros. Los africanos!!! I need to tell u that this rascist science is out. They discovered that no, white people or so so called “aryans” are supreme over other people of other skin tones. For me that was a srupid question to begin with.


Does he have the right to call a black, brown, mulatto or puerto rican guy “neger”.
N he says that because he calls himself “bög” like Alvaro, he can do this, n he does it. In television in the fuckin morning program, when all us are sleeping because we are svartskallar! N the others that have a job, the few that do, start at 4.45 so they gotta be up at three in la mañana. (Thats why u see the hard working immigrants in the spårvagen or the tunnelbana so early). You know sometimes i make jokes but take me for stupid n call me “neger” n thats u gettin a cuban smack on ur ear. Riiiiing riiiiiiiing! Cabron cabronaso!!!
And if he had the right, would it be because he calls himself  “bög”? Bet how he came up with his theory is,
while sipping red wine eith his gay buddies n one of them african n he gave the approval.
Cus who else gave him the approval?? All the negros??? No!!!! That negro maybe!
N listen negro is spanish for black so dont think im from from the U.S even if i´d loved to be, ok!

N these guys u know , my competition on the blogosphere (learnt me a new word for this bloggin),
They love this stuff n they hate that there are words that they´r not allowed to say, just when they´r lonely.
And if u  say it with ur white friends when nobody is around that could take offense, n smack u,
then u also have these tendencies. Or a simple victima of peer pressure!
I say “victima” cus its a femenine word, n im macho so by callin u female u´ll get upset!! HAHA!!
Look, if ur over 25 in still fall for peer pressure , that tells a lot about you, ok mayn.

Can i say what in the fuck ever i want to say? Can i call anybody what i wanna call them??
No, its against the law actually u cant go around n “förolempa” cus the police can make it a big deal.
N we got “förtal” n my personal favorite “hets mot folkgrupp”.  Thats when u do something against a whole people, or say something degrading, (like neger) or wear swaztika n do the sieg heil.
Thats degrading to the jews. But u can paint a picture to provoke a billion people n thats very super ok!
Fuckin hypocrite! Listen, I dont like communism ok, but one thing it did in Cuba was to decrease rascism, but its not gone. I met my own brown brothas that said like yeah im black but im not like the blacks, or i never thaught my black boy would get a cute blond girl. Thats fuckin rascism or am i fuckin wrong here, whats goin on? You no love ya self n the color of your skin? Then we got a problem to fix, chico!
Decreasing (direct) rascism to a a minimal level, eh! How u ask? Because everybody was in the same position, had the same conditions. Neighbourhoods mixed from blond white to black, black congo black!! Deep africa! Moses black! U know! But thats how they did it, by making people the same through letting them have the same stuff, u know !

Think about this n listen to the track i loved when i came to Sweden, the infinite mass, n take in mind i dont like much HipHop:

Ok, the infinite mass is now Crossfire i think!
Charly for Los Dirty Crowd saying bye bye world n hope to see u again soon

Ps. Who is this fuckin guy n why did they let him on television??!


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This Dirty crowd is a rap, hip gangbanger gang or something, im learning as i´m bloggin about these crazy fellas, u know... Well follow the blog n find out more of the inner secrets hidden within... The Dirty Crowd. Truly Urs Charly Garcia

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