Ok are these guys about rapping…

….On the microphono or about cooking? U mess up my head with this, i dont know what to say about you no more.
They rap, they cook, they slap women, they make mixtapes and they perform on the 25th!?!? Pritty fuckin diverse, eh! Focus on one thing and do it good instead of doing everything bad. I mean doing everything then,  it not being the best way, u know. Go n juggle six beer bottles at the stop light instead, right in front of the cars, and fuckin ask for change like little poor children in Bogota. Begging children, dont you just hate em?! Right! Get a rich father you stupid kid!!! Learn something, go to school or get a job at the bank! N everything changes to, u know. With these fuckin cabrones eh, u never know! U NEVER KNOW!

But check out the mamasita thats screamin n wavin her hands like she´s tryina be a bird or something, she´s hot. Ms Jacqueline Nova, ey she´s a virgin too look here miss miss ha?!  Or maybe she divorced n got half of his stuff u know. U, u can get at Charly G whenever u need it baby, we latinos we share n we love it u know like ayayayayay raiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Thats two fuckin words yo´!

U can cook breakfast after n all u know, i wont mind!  For el lindo Charly, yes me, Charly Garcia i have seen women in alotta countries n i prohibly have some big mulato out there haciendo lo, como pa did it, in the fuckin 80´s man- That was the best times i wish i could could go back mayn, y ya tu sabee que te dije esé diá con sofia, juan y fulano. N note that i wrote (<-rhyme) that i seen a lot of woman, i slept with most of them cus that means sleeping not fuckin having sex, so no nothings of no drama or accusations here Ok! Watch el puto fuckin video now mayn n beautiful lady!

REVIEW: They bought, they cooked n then rap n breakdance hiphop! They ate. Everybody went home happy n did suicide to themselves, prally. Thats what i see in their souls u know. No! They didnt so stop crying or i´ll fuckin give u something to really cry about n then pennngggg. Like our parents said when we where kids u know, HAHAHA we gotta love em! Thats how i got this ring in my ear, from my father but i love him n i pray for him n thats that!

Jaqueline Ignacio is on myspace to! Ms Jaqueline Novhttp://www.myspace.com/jaquelineignac
Chato is fucking everywhere so u´ll see him on the 9an esporvagen with a little dog, Jacky!But his twitter his The_Chato_Law n u follow him or he follows u with an axe! No, he prally gonna send el Negro Escandaloso to do it! LM36!! On facebook i dont remember his name, jonsson something. Microfixel he likes himself to be called i heard!
Then we got the man with the cam, Bena Björn Halvorssen… Myspace, FB. So u wanna have a chat with these individuals then contact them ok, im not gonna do it for you, understane? No lemme go back to sleep n i do the next
episode after some rest ok! Peace in the world, ok! Lodi dodi!

Charly for DC compay!


About el Charly for the Dirtycrowd

This Dirty crowd is a rap, hip gangbanger gang or something, im learning as i´m bloggin about these crazy fellas, u know... Well follow the blog n find out more of the inner secrets hidden within... The Dirty Crowd. Truly Urs Charly Garcia

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