So a review!


First of all I would like to say that what the F**K is going on with this BMWeneno dude of all!!!! I mean he´s a great rapper and all but WTF going out calming be ME! I, Charly Garcia, known in RIO RIO Since the late 80´s!!!I dont appreciate that at all!! I dont even know how he could use my FB password to pull of a facerape like that. I guess I have my self to blame for having Dirtycrowd as a password, stupid name that to have, a crowd thats dirty.

But fuck it I already spoke to Chato to handle that like Negro did in one of them tracks I´v heard.

I´m thinking that maybe this Dirty dudes ain´t none for me anyway, I´v been having complains for my writing, that it doesn’t have things to do whit the crew an all. And that I should n´t make fun of gay people witch I did n´t, I just told what I´v heard from my Gay friend Alvaro.

An one more thing!! I´m sorry if sometimes this shitt is blurry, is because I´v been up 4 three days partayying whith my RIO RIO pachangas.

I don´t want to be negative an all, but I know I told before that this dudes is paying me for my writing but that was just a Lie I admit, just to sound heavy U no.

In fact they aint giving jack shit.

Thing is, I owed Mr Chato a favor once, so I ran on him at the fifth or Femman as they cal it, also that a stupid name for a Mal, so he saw his chance to remind me of that favor 15 years ago and here I am a Saturday night writing this shit wen I could be out having me 2 morenas in each lap. So now I cant write what I want so I have to do some REVIEW on their shit so be it:

Aight Aight!!

Now this is some shit I could headbang to!! Apart from the quality of the video the song is banging, I even could do some salsa on this to U no!!

But whos song is this anyway? And who is this DirtyDust dude? Is he even a member of DirtyCrowd or what??

Whats whit all this Dirty Dirt Muddy Filthy Schmutz (German for dirt) I totally digg Negro Escandaloso on that Spanish hook. Litle bit stupid texto thou ” No puden vernos” I´m looking att you right now WTF.

And this Black Ghost is he white or what?? He´s the only one representing the song wright, they should all have masks if they dont wanted too be seen..

I have a lot of respect for Chato an all, but comon loco are you gonna shoot me with a drill??! I get the point Ya ya ya!! I dont want to bother him that much cuz he got som intel on me that I wouln´t like came up.

I think I saw chick somewhere in the back to!! WTF with that!! chicks should be in the front showing up. Ether she´s ugly or she´s having a jealous boy friend behind the cam mad-facing everybody and hiding her in the back.

Anyway I give the hole thing 3 Kees out of 5 an could get 4 if they would have put the chick in the front and finished the hole thing. now it looks like they ran out of tape or something.

Aight Muddys!!

Retweet this and spread it pretty foc*ing please .

I, Charly G for DC


About el Charly for the Dirtycrowd

This Dirty crowd is a rap, hip gangbanger gang or something, im learning as i´m bloggin about these crazy fellas, u know... Well follow the blog n find out more of the inner secrets hidden within... The Dirty Crowd. Truly Urs Charly Garcia

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