So This Negro Escandaloso I like!


OK first of all!!

Some one wrote to me a very aggressive letter saying that the last review wasn´t even a DirtyCrowd song. It was this Dirty Dust dudes from an other crew named Nuttin´Crew.

Whats with all this stupid naming an all. WTF is a Crew Thats nothing?? A Crowd thats Dirty!! an a dude on fire who doesn´t know who he is, WHOISFLAME.

Anyway they told me on a mail to make that clear, or else I wouldn’t be able to go to hammerhill no more, an I can´t let that happen.

So It´s a DirtyDust Feat. Negro Escandaloso an BlackGhost

now Fo*k UUUUU!!!

So This Negro Escandaloso I like!

He´s not even black to cal him self Negro anyway, I would say common darker shade of brown, but I guess thats not a cool sounding name for a rapper. Even thou I new some good ol shit back in the 90s that called them selfs lighter shade of brown. i remember thees kids in Hammerhill running whit blasters playing that shit.( Wait)

And look what I found on this internet…

he even remind me of A young Chato whith that white cap back in the days when he was skinny, or skinnier should I say cuz he was never really skinny.

My favorite was this summer banger.

They even played it at Esquina Latina back in thoes days.

Anyhow this Calidad video contradict it self. is supposed to be of a hight quality that vid. but I guess he means the quality of the rap cuz that som other stuf. I can Totaly understand everything he´s saying.

It looks like they have used a good cam but fucked it up at the editing, who ever did that. Or maybe they did it on purpose, I dont know how they think realy, maybe they want that to be dirty.

Anyway, from what I see, this is some old shit, like 2007 2008 or earlier even. U can see that in Lil Mats baby face there. Must be from that time he earned The Prefix of “Lil” before Mat. He´s standing there in the back smiling and bullying somebody.

Negro looks hard thou showing up some havy tattoos. We can see Mig Mat to there standing hard. good good vibe anyway, but WTF Whith the stretched screen!!? Was that on purpose or what. He maybe dont want to look that skinny so they stretched it, and then they made Chato Look more fat than he already is, I guess that was NOT on purpose. Anyhow he got grate comments from South America. I actually know that he got hudge cred there. Been in Argentina, Bolivia, Peru and more.

But OKe I´m giving this one 3 Kees, And that´s just being nice. cuz I dont know what TF They were thinking using a good camera to fuck it upp in the editing. the song gets a 5 uncutt thou . good hardcore, some to headbang!!

Aight masses!! Schmutz!!

until next review! I hope that this time this Chato gives me som good shit to write about!!

Fo*k U så mike!1

Charly G For DC


About el Charly for the Dirtycrowd

This Dirty crowd is a rap, hip gangbanger gang or something, im learning as i´m bloggin about these crazy fellas, u know... Well follow the blog n find out more of the inner secrets hidden within... The Dirty Crowd. Truly Urs Charly Garcia

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