So now I´m getting sick of this sheeet!!

So now they complaining about me complaining of their complains. What´s with that THANK U For doing this for free an all.

I knew that that favor would com back haunting me.. I mean I dint even asked for a favor, He just showed up like a hero or something. And dont bother asking WTF it was cuz I aint sain´ sheeet.

AA WTF I dont even care anymore. I write what I want and so bee it…

FO*K!! FO*K!! FO*K

And U Gislee from the land of Ice, dont U even dare censure my curses cuz I´l send U to eeh ghhhghd .. I can´t even send U to The north pole cuz then U just gona feel at home, but I´m gonna send U to somewhere unpleasant anyway…

getting sick of it…

OK so reviews !!

Who is this flame!! like he likely like to ask him self. WHOISFLAME? Is that a name or a question? I was looking around when Chato passed me this shit:

W T F!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Why the F have nobody showed me this before?? And why the F U got me reviewing that other wack shit insted of this, cavrones.!

I dont even know where to start. Quality GOOD. song GOOD, Video GOOD, every thing GOOD

I even got diarrhea watching her shootimg up. remind me of those RIO RIO an Canney days, all that cocaine partaays, and toilette parteeys. I almost ended up like the other homeless dude in the vid.

Now I´m depressed, Damn!!

I feel like crying now.

why cant somebody take me to paradise!? I deserve!, I just fucked up sometimes, common fuckups to.

I´m thinking now what does he meant with the black face. does he want to get more black than he already is, or is it a symbolic thang with the looney jacket and all..

Now I see that this car is the same car as the one on the foto for the date, And wats up with that date stuf!???

Now that my Charly Garcia account was stolen We have to do a new competition. I just have to figure out how to do..

Ok Anyway!

I was thinking bout the chick in the vid. how did they to make it look so real. ether she is an ex junk or a very good actress , and that must have coast to have her in. And if she has been a junky, I can bet that she got back to junk after this scenes. Even I glanced threw my fonebook to see if I had som connections still, found out that I owed everybody. might as well.

My totali favorite line is “like latinos whith a knife” Love that sheet, it feels like he´s talking about me. even thou I dont pack knife anymore sense my last conviction 98.

Still fast thou, don´t try.

Now writing this sheet I think I get the hole picture and the purpose of the song. I think he means that paradise can be what ever make U happy!!!!!

DAMN!!! I´m getting the goosebumps now… I´m totaly in tuned with universe now.

this song opened my eyes… I can see the world from a hole new perspective now.


I give this one 5 kees an a blunt… Or I can´t even count in thees terms anymore,

I´m in a moment of clearness..

I´m gonna give this 5 roses or maybe 10 roses instead.

So peace an Love my dear Crowd… I am now going to my paradise and take a dump an a cheese sandwich.

Charly Garcia för DirtyCrowd


About el Charly for the Dirtycrowd

This Dirty crowd is a rap, hip gangbanger gang or something, im learning as i´m bloggin about these crazy fellas, u know... Well follow the blog n find out more of the inner secrets hidden within... The Dirty Crowd. Truly Urs Charly Garcia

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