Ok are these guys about rapping…

….On the microphono or about cooking? U mess up my head with this, i dont know what to say about you no more.
They rap, they cook, they slap women, they make mixtapes and they perform on the 25th!?!? Pritty fuckin diverse, eh! Focus on one thing and do it good instead of doing everything bad. I mean doing everything then,  it not being the best way, u know. Go n juggle six beer bottles at the stop light instead, right in front of the cars, and fuckin ask for change like little poor children in Bogota. Begging children, dont you just hate em?! Right! Get a rich father you stupid kid!!! Learn something, go to school or get a job at the bank! N everything changes to, u know. With these fuckin cabrones eh, u never know! U NEVER KNOW!

But check out the mamasita thats screamin n wavin her hands like she´s tryina be a bird or something, she´s hot. Ms Jacqueline Nova, ey she´s a virgin too look here miss miss ha?!  Or maybe she divorced n got half of his stuff u know. U, u can get at Charly G whenever u need it baby, we latinos we share n we love it u know like ayayayayay raiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. Thats two fuckin words yo´!

U can cook breakfast after n all u know, i wont mind!  For el lindo Charly, yes me, Charly Garcia i have seen women in alotta countries n i prohibly have some big mulato out there haciendo lo, como pa did it, in the fuckin 80´s man- That was the best times i wish i could could go back mayn, y ya tu sabee que te dije esé diá con sofia, juan y fulano. N note that i wrote (<-rhyme) that i seen a lot of woman, i slept with most of them cus that means sleeping not fuckin having sex, so no nothings of no drama or accusations here Ok! Watch el puto fuckin video now mayn n beautiful lady!

REVIEW: They bought, they cooked n then rap n breakdance hiphop! They ate. Everybody went home happy n did suicide to themselves, prally. Thats what i see in their souls u know. No! They didnt so stop crying or i´ll fuckin give u something to really cry about n then pennngggg. Like our parents said when we where kids u know, HAHAHA we gotta love em! Thats how i got this ring in my ear, from my father but i love him n i pray for him n thats that!

Jaqueline Ignacio is on myspace to! Ms Jaqueline Novhttp://www.myspace.com/jaquelineignac
Chato is fucking everywhere so u´ll see him on the 9an esporvagen with a little dog, Jacky!But his twitter his The_Chato_Law n u follow him or he follows u with an axe! No, he prally gonna send el Negro Escandaloso to do it! LM36!! On facebook i dont remember his name, jonsson something. Microfixel he likes himself to be called i heard!
Then we got the man with the cam, Bena Björn Halvorssen… Myspace, FB. So u wanna have a chat with these individuals then contact them ok, im not gonna do it for you, understane? No lemme go back to sleep n i do the next
episode after some rest ok! Peace in the world, ok! Lodi dodi!

Charly for DC compay!


Ok now listen this is special…

… This thing about the date with Flame Have people taken this the wrong way or what?? Like Flame´s some fuckin rapist or something, eh?Maaan, common now. What u except more than a free dinner worth like 300SEK and a ticket to the livest party of this year!! Prohibly gon be the best party of next year to! Lani mo from the Cartel is gonna be there. The cartel?? Dont kill nobody!! The Cartel i mean Kartellen, even I heard about those guys, mayn.  Are they mexican or what?? Maybe they are sureños cus they got a white guy, might be half gringo! But the thing is, they speak about a truth thats true for hundreds of thousands of people, in this  very country! So… Haters eat a pinga! For brekfest, lunch, dinner… And supper u outtalucka! Cometelo entero n keep my name in your mouth! Charly with a Y in the end and dont ask me why??!!

Look mama (or papi) U´ll get the date, pick the place n spend our money ! (Cus hey charly is not gonna pay for the whole thing , u know! Pitch in!!) Or u independent woman that pay her own ticket n i respect that… But i expeted like 1237 people would be desperate to go on a date with pretty face Flame

Not only three extremely beautiful girls!!! I mean they looked goood. Look good i guess, if they still do, i dont know. N on facebook everybody take their best picture, u know!


Add Charly Garcia on FB and write me that u wanna go! No strings attached. No secret hidden camera like CIA!!!
 U dont even have to have sex with him later that night, this is a super chance for you ladys out there! Or else i´ll go on the date myself n take the ticket n sell it HAHA!


 //De el borracho mas macho del mundo entero,  Charly, for this Dirty Crowd! Epaa!!!

Ps. Keep reading brothas n sistas our ratings r going up!  Good for me, good for u! WINWIN!!!!!!!

So this white “bög” has the right to…

… Call people of color “neger”???! See i used a very political correct phrase. People of color! Which people DONT have no color, its a benneton world ma mayn???!!! Look, i came to this cold country in the mid 90´s. First Estockholm, then i moved to hammarkullen in Goteburg. The mid 90´s in Sweden was full of skinheads with the green pilot jackets, it was kind of trendy. They move around in flock and beat up innocent men and women with black hair… Call them “svartskalle”. Well let me tell u that ur queen is a svartskalle, or a shwarsskalle but the contradiction here is that she also has ties to nazi germany, i learned from El Chato! My question really is if a white person has the right to call another individual a degrading word, as neger, cus its a degrading word. Just look up the old lexikon or atlas, i mean wordbook understand, ok! There u gonna learn the truth about how they used the word. Its like they where a lower class. Los negros. Los africanos!!! I need to tell u that this rascist science is out. They discovered that no, white people or so so called “aryans” are supreme over other people of other skin tones. For me that was a srupid question to begin with.


Does he have the right to call a black, brown, mulatto or puerto rican guy “neger”.
N he says that because he calls himself “bög” like Alvaro, he can do this, n he does it. In television in the fuckin morning program, when all us are sleeping because we are svartskallar! N the others that have a job, the few that do, start at 4.45 so they gotta be up at three in la mañana. (Thats why u see the hard working immigrants in the spårvagen or the tunnelbana so early). You know sometimes i make jokes but take me for stupid n call me “neger” n thats u gettin a cuban smack on ur ear. Riiiiing riiiiiiiing! Cabron cabronaso!!!
And if he had the right, would it be because he calls himself  “bög”? Bet how he came up with his theory is,
while sipping red wine eith his gay buddies n one of them african n he gave the approval.
Cus who else gave him the approval?? All the negros??? No!!!! That negro maybe!
N listen negro is spanish for black so dont think im from from the U.S even if i´d loved to be, ok!

N these guys u know , my competition on the blogosphere (learnt me a new word for this bloggin),
They love this stuff n they hate that there are words that they´r not allowed to say, just when they´r lonely.
And if u  say it with ur white friends when nobody is around that could take offense, n smack u,
then u also have these tendencies. Or a simple victima of peer pressure!
I say “victima” cus its a femenine word, n im macho so by callin u female u´ll get upset!! HAHA!!
Look, if ur over 25 in still fall for peer pressure , that tells a lot about you, ok mayn.

Can i say what in the fuck ever i want to say? Can i call anybody what i wanna call them??
No, its against the law actually u cant go around n “förolempa” cus the police can make it a big deal.
N we got “förtal” n my personal favorite “hets mot folkgrupp”.  Thats when u do something against a whole people, or say something degrading, (like neger) or wear swaztika n do the sieg heil.
Thats degrading to the jews. But u can paint a picture to provoke a billion people n thats very super ok!
Fuckin hypocrite! Listen, I dont like communism ok, but one thing it did in Cuba was to decrease rascism, but its not gone. I met my own brown brothas that said like yeah im black but im not like the blacks, or i never thaught my black boy would get a cute blond girl. Thats fuckin rascism or am i fuckin wrong here, whats goin on? You no love ya self n the color of your skin? Then we got a problem to fix, chico!
Decreasing (direct) rascism to a a minimal level, eh! How u ask? Because everybody was in the same position, had the same conditions. Neighbourhoods mixed from blond white to black, black congo black!! Deep africa! Moses black! U know! But thats how they did it, by making people the same through letting them have the same stuff, u know !

Think about this n listen to the track i loved when i came to Sweden, the infinite mass, n take in mind i dont like much HipHop:

Ok, the infinite mass is now Crossfire i think!
Charly for Los Dirty Crowd saying bye bye world n hope to see u again soon

Ps. Who is this fuckin guy n why did they let him on television??!

Win a date with a Dirty Crowder…

… the only one who had the cojones to go first was, this Flame guy. Fire! Ok i presented this guy before but i expect that the ladies out there, or men, im not sure how he´s doin the limbo, know what im saying, so can i close doors?! No!…
Anyway, Flame, Abbi. This guy is not in anyway desperate he just got balls enuff to put himself out there, just like Charly would, if i was´nt to old for that dating mess. I stick to salsa night at thursdays u know. U dance like cuban? I dont think so!! I get straight to el point if u understand me clearly! Ha-ha! Na waddam sayin, chico? I dont think so!!!
So now my internet messed up i cant therefore dowlnoad pictures of this hard to find, no pictures havin, mulatto or east african lookin, who-is-me guy. (http://www.whoisflame.com). Ok now internet works again i can do my lil google.com. Hold on!
I got some nice pictures from his facebook account!!! Haha U cannot find Charly  on FB becasue i use a fake alibi!!!
He looks like this in a car, thats his which he´s prohibly gonna take u to the date to with:
Take notice that on his baseball cap it says paradise! maybe thats where hw can take you? Underneath this vechicle pic u see also a close-up on the brother, Ok. Im gonna post some songs from him too so you maybe just like him for the music, not the tender loving heart and billions of dollars!

Well if u´ve read this far, i bet u wanna know how to win the date?? ta-tara-taa!!! I got a facebook account now!
Maybe i´ll even get a dete myself now since said i was too old. Haha I´m not. Im born in 72. Anyway add me:
Charly Garcia @ Facbook with the mixtape banner! Pretty sure im not the only charly garcia that got the internet but bet im  the best!  Write Date!! As a price for going to this date u will even get to go the hottest party of the year:
On the 25th of December. I heard Swedish people like to party that day. We latinos like to eat that day! Plus we party everyday. Sombreros n all! So u get a date with pretty boy Flame, can even bring a friend, who pays for her own shit.
If u think flame is somekind of whatever. Whatever! This is him:

Flame on YOUTUBE:

Here u can learn little about his personalities and his cooking skillz, very clean house if id had to be the judge!

So the budget for the date is 275 max for your plate not included drinks ok!!! That can be extended in negotitations ok, mayn!

Charly for la Dirty Crowd n Flame!

Ps. fount the pics in his Facebook group whoisflame so log in and search for the group, the press like n all news will be shown to you through automatics!

Jimmy Åkesson is the president…

…of the nazi party in Sweden. No, im sorry i meant neo-nazi. It means new nazi or modern nazi, ok.
I have a friend that is gay. Lets call him Alvaro  and he likes other men instead of liking other women. This friend of mine is my friend even if he rather looks at straight porn than gay porn. Maybe he´s not the catcher and the pitcher i never asked, cus i dont wanna know, but if he´s the pitcher i would prefer it. So lets say he´s the pitcher. He is from Chile and has lived in Sweden ever since he pretended to be oppressed by Pinochet, even tho he was his supporter. His plan was to be a prostituto and make money cus he likes white guys and white guys have money, and then he can move back to Santiago. It never happened because he got used to the hot water and the social service money every month, and especially he loved a club in Estockholm that used to be called something like tiptop or toptip. The thing i´m about to tell you he met this Åkesson, and had a thing with Jimmy and  Jimmy´s jimmy. Jimmy also liked Alvaros jimmy. Maybe he liked it inside of him, the mouth or the behind. I dont know. I dont ask. So Alvaro tells me that they had a relationship for almost two years. Between 97-99 something. What suprises me is that this nazi cult leader likes men of color, because “Alvaro” is kind of dark skin u know. Maybe he hates them and thats why he wanna fuck them. Literally. The proof that he is a homosexual is this picture below:

You see he´s covering his boner with his hands, because in this street there are very many people, many men walking by, and naturally gay men cant look at other men without feeling the urge of having sex right away, right?!. And his outfit?! Im no homofobian but i think that outfit is very, very gay. You can also see how he is clinching his buttcheeks because his pants goes in and not out around the bottom. Because men who take big penis inside the rectum get very loose so they cant control their… What can i call it, their toilet. I mean poo-poo.
So Alvaro told me that he called Jimmy one day and he was totally changed and said they cant see eachother anymore. Alvaro did´nt really give a crap because he had alternatives so to speak. Or write. Alright. That rhymes.
Alright. Then Alvaro see´s him on the television around 2005 and finds out that he is now running a campaign for the Sverige demokraterna. The SD, which has a very rascist agenda and dont like people comming from the banana boat and using all the seats in the bus. Well make more buses instead then. Estupidos! Ok Jimmy the son of Åke, had changed his number, and didnt reply to any of his e-mails and no nothing. Alvaro just wanted to ask why he changed so much when he used to say he loved Alvaro´s jimmy, and now he wants him and everybody else from other countries to move back to where they came from. Maybe they can take the banana boat and return.Finally he gets a reply to his e-mail and he called him “blatte” and “din jävla invadrarbög”. So of course he got confused cus of this sudden change. Jimmy didnt even have balls enuff to tell him we had a good time but now im nazi and cant be seen with you, because that would make me seem less nazi and more gay.
Shame on you Jimmy! Grow a pair under your jimmy, Jimmy!
I asked if Alvaro wanted to be seen in picture here and he said only the pictures of when i was young and fresh and he sent me this one:
These guys would of made a good couple but then Jimmy might not be the president of the SD.
Sometimes people chose power and money over love. I bet that Jimmy has a lot of sex still but in secret and does not go out to the gay clubs more. That would be not smart. Well i have another proof of Jimmy being fag and its a picture of him with a woman, so everybody would be fooled by that and think he likes women.
Im not buying it Jimmy! Just come out of the closet and say you like “el chupi chupa” with immigrants.
You can fool a fool but never fool Charly!

//El Charly for the D.C

I like this song…

… by the Black Ghost! I dont understand swedish so good but what i understand is good.

There u can have some other songs to listen before the mixtape 2011 is comming!

So now lets go on with the presentaciones…

…Of this stinkin filthy Dirty Crowd D.C (not Washingtown) but i´ve never been to Washintown. Not yet tho!
Maybe i´ll go someday, take picture front of the white house where all the presidents live. Maybe i can see Michelle Obama or Monica Lewinsky n maybe i can be Bill. I can never go back to the states after they send me back to Cuba so this is me dreaming, neither can I go back to Cuba, mi tierra. But thanks to Carl Bildt who opened his arms for every cuban outside of the country to come to this frio de pinga! I came when i was a roadie for los van van in Spain. Ok, im still presenting this Dirty Crowdright!?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Giz Lee:
This white guy has been affiliated with this Dirty Crowd since the first mixtape as a graphic designer. The first logo was his work. An old record that  someone took a bite out of it that he prohibly took a picture of it, after drawing on it. It was good. So good that they put it on the T-shirts and the hoodies. You know the once with hoodie on. Like a cape! He designed the new logo, the mixtape banner and i have to mention that i dont like him going in and changing the outlook of the blog. Was´nt it good when i did the design?! Ok i forgive u but never again. Or one more time cus i dont like this white stuff around the letters. Now we cant see the background. Ok, ok i need to cool down now… Im back! He´s also a producer and a rapper which is about to release a mixtape or something. I did some google to find the picture of the cover but it is not on the internet. But i found that this guy has been to Nueva York, Square times.
Proof:So he´s a real rapper because rappers that dont go to Nueva Yol cant be real mayn, ok. Anyway,  he´s from Iceland?!
A land with just ice? I no wanna go there ever im freezing enuff as it is. Mira eso… Ay-ay-ay im sorry for you cus it looks like this:

Prince Ali:
Ok Ali is his name? but whats his last name since he says he´s a prince? Who´s his king? Prince of what, burger king?
Kebab kungen?? I dont know but i´m gonna be easy because maybe he´s a real prince and can get me locked in dunjun in maybe Iceland. He is also newly initiated to this Dirty Crow! His rhymes are very political and he seems to have one mission. To destroy the illuminati, but wait, a prince wanna destroy illuminati??! Maybe a double agent but maybe not, ok, im just guessing ok dont tell ur king. So you r aire to the throne? R u gonna be King Ali one day??! Im just asking because i dont know. I really dont. He´s on the mixtape comming soon a couple times. Raps in english, swedish and he´s from Turkey?? What type of people take the name of a big bird to be the national name.

I dont understand people sometimes.Maybe they like eat turkey so much they named it after their favorite dish. I like turkey to. Turkey bacon, stuffed turkey and turkey on the sandwich.  Ok so now i google a picture of this guy so u can see him again n then im out:
Look at his tattoes!!! Maybe he was a sailor. Or no nower days tattoes is not only for sailors cus everybody got them now. Aaahaaw they are henna tattoes. The once that go out after a couple weeks. Ok.
//Charly Garcia getting paid by this Dirty Crowd.